In 2023, Tõnu Kaljuste will be the artistic director of the event, and the festival will take place on 4–13 August. At the Birgitta Festival, the atmosphere of the convent’s location and the programme combining music and performing arts merge to form a whole.

Since 2005, the Tallinn Philharmonic Society has organised the Birgitta Festival every August in the opera house built in the ruins of Pirita Convent. It is a musical theatre festival that combines the dark charm of a mediaeval convent with state-
of-the-art modern musical theatre. Over the years, operas, ballets, staged oratorios, modern dance performances, musicals, and other musical theatre genres have been performed at the Birgitta Festival. Until 2016, the founder and
artistic director of the festival was maestro Eri Klas.
Almost 10,000 people gather in the ancient river bend every year to immerse themselves in the magical world of powerful sounds and spectacles for just a few days. They are attracted by the festive atmosphere, many happy meetings, and unique lighting solutions.

4 and 5 August – comedy opera Crisis
8 August – opera Tristan und Isolde
10 August – an Ultima Thule / Riho Sibul 65 concert ‘Lennelda priiks’
11 and 12 August – chamber opera Clemency
13 August – Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony