Dear friends of the Birgitta Festival
In keeping with the decision made by the Government of Estonia on 8 July, the 2021 Birgitta Festival will be cancelled. Unfortunately, the global coronavirus pandemic has yet to recede, and the situation is regrettably deteriorating in Russia, the place of residence for several of this year’s festival’s artists and performers.
The safety and security of our audience is of prime importance to the festival organisers, which is why we understand the government's decision not to grant an exemption to artists from Russia.
We hope for your understanding and to see you in 2022!

Throughout the years, Birgitta Festival has established itself a steady place in the landscape of music surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Open for all genres of stage music, the festival is in a continuous development while every year surprising its audience with new exciting projects. The unique mood at Pirita Convent and the festival programme full of music and performance arts complement each other perfectly well.

The core of Birgitta Festival lies in its atmosphere. Every year, the festival brings together more than 8000 people who are gathering by the ancient spot by River Pirita in the mellow evenings of August. For a few days, a prominent music theatre emerges at the historical site of Pirita Convent where the audience can delve into the magical world of sounds. The diverse audience of Birgitta Festival is a phenomenon on its own. The unique atmosphere of the festival is made of the special location, its audience, festivity, numerous emotional encounters and extraordinary musical spectacles – all this keeps bringing people together every year.

Every music afficionado will find something special in Birgitta Festival, whether it be an opera, a ballet, music galas, new music performance or spectacle. This is a meeting place for grand masters and intoxicating experiments, guest performances and domestic productions, the classics and the contemporary. The highest stars and emerging talents have performed here by the peaceful proximity of the sea. Even years later they still recall the medieval stone walls painted by the sunset, the tender summer nights; strolls lit by the torchlight and the Moon; vivid Bordeaux red carpets and the contemplative echo of the church bells. The audience and the performers become a whole in such an enjoyable time of the year. Every performance is accompanied by screens displaying subtitles, comfortable box seats and cozy cafes.

In 2005, Birgitta Festival was initiated by Eri Klas together with Tallinn City Government and since then the festival has been the most important music event of our capital every summer. In 2017 and 2018 conductor Risto Joost has been the artistic director and author of new creative ideas behind the festival. From 2021, the new artistic director is Dmitry Bertman, a world-famous stage director, multiple Golden Mask laureate and artistic director/stage director of Helikon Opera, Moscow who has recently joined the Tallinn Philharmonics. Bertman is known for music afficionados all over the world, he has worked with various opera theatres as well as staged more than one hundred operas. He has an earlier collaboration experience with Birgitta Festival as well – in 2014, Bertman staged the opera gala dedicated to Eri Klas's 75th birthday; also, Helikon-Opera has performed in the festival. More than once, Bertman has staged operas both in Estonian National Opera and Theatre Vanemuine.

Birgitta Festival is always full of surprises!


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