On 4 and 5 August at 7 p.m.

A story about the crisis of a small person in a big world

‘Crisis’ is a comic opera in which the main character – the renowned opera singer Barichello – finds himself in the middle of a personal crisis. In addition to losing his amazing voice, his family is also torn apart when he falls in love with a young pop musician, Madonna. Blinded by love, he ignores the warnings of oracle Orachello, and the crisis takes on ever greater proportions.

Composer – Timo Steiner

Author of the libretto – Andri Luup

Musical director and conductor – Tõnu Kaljuste

Director – Veiko Tubin

Set designer – Kristjan Suits

Soloists – Tamar Nugis (Estonian National Opera, Raiko Raalik (Estonian National Opera), Iris Oja, Maria Listra, Heldur Harry Põlda (Estonian National Opera)

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

The performance consists of two acts, with one intermission. Total length, including the intermission: approx. 2.5 h; first act: 1 h; second act: 1 h.