St. Olaf’s Guild Hall is the oldest and most festive room in the House of the Blackheads, its design is considered a masterpiece of Tallinn’s High-Gothic architecture.

Historical data about the St. Olaf’s Guild, that was situated at the very location, derives from 1369, the interior architecture comes from the early 15th century.

The building was purchased by the Blackheads only in 1919 and the room got its present look during the great reconstruction in 1919-1922. The walls of the hall are covered with ebonized wooden panels (made especially for this room in the “A.M.Luther” furniture factory), on the northern wall there are two dark blue Neo-Renaissance glazed tile stoves (made to special design in Turu), the ceiling has 12-lamp chandeliers ordered from Berlin.

St. Olaf’s Guild Hall is considered to one of the best chamber concert halls in Tallinn for its acoustics.

The room (200m2) contains:

  • concert 100 people
  • fourchette tables 180 people
  • buffet 90 people


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