The White Hall (great hall) of the House of the Blackheads is one of the oldest Halls in Tallinn, built for an entertainment purpose.

It was built in 1531-32 and was one of the first Renaissance style rooms in the Baltic States.

The hall got its present shape during the 1909-1911 reconstructions. The hall’s entrance from Pikk Street is on the ground floor, looking out from the windows on the Pühavaimu Street side the room appears to be on the second floor – this adds further character to the hall. Today, the hall is used for all kinds of different events – from ordinary concerts to events with high-tech solutions. The hall is rented with 3 walk-through salons, which are separated by doors.

The hall has 300m2 floor space

Salons 130m2


  • concert 240 people (floor 200, balcony 40)
  • festive dinner with tables (10 people per table) 200 people
  • fourchette tables 400 people

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