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We are living at a time of a united Europe, and the common denominator and anthem of this unity is the ‘Ode to Joy’. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is the summary of his work, the powerful final chord of a great path of growth, as well as a pioneer of the Romantic era, symbolising the quest to escape from darkness to light, the struggle between good and evil.

Conductor – Tõnu Kaljuste

Soloists – Mirjam Mesak, Kai Rüütel-Pajula, Alvar Tiisler, Heldur Harry Põlda (Estonian National Opera)

ERSO, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, the Latvian Radio Choir

The concert has no intermission and the length is 1 hour and 25 minutes

 On 13 August at 7 p.m.

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On 8 August at 6 p.m.

A story of love stronger than death

The romance of Tristan and Iseult is a classic love story originating from mediaeval legends. It is a fairy tale that is larger than life and has inspired many poets, writers, artists, film and theatre creators. The story full of love, betrayal, and intense feelings is one of the best known and grandest works of Richard Wagner.

Composer and author of the libretto – Richard Wagner

Musical director and conductor – Risto Joost

Director – Liis Kolle

Artists – René Jõhve, Lilja Blumenfeld, Liis Kolle

Costumes – Lilja Blumenfeld

Soloists – Mati Turi, Aile Assony, Karmen Puis, Atlan Karp, Priit Volmer,

Simo Breede, Taavi Tampu, Oliver Kuusik, Rasmus Kull

The male group of the Vanemuine Opera Choir and the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra

Three acts, two intermissions, length including the intermissions: 5 hours



On 10 August at 7 p.m.

A story about companions and for companions

The band Ultima Thule gave their first concert on 27 February 1987 at the Linnahall venue in Tallinn. Now, 36 years later, tribute is paid to the departed members of the band and all companions of the band over time.

Soloists – Tõnis Mägi, Vaiko Eplik, Tanel Padar, Robert Linna, Mikk Tammepõld, Marie Vaigla

Band members – Raul Vaigla, Kalle Vilpuu, Aare Põder, Toomas Rull, Robert Vaigla

The concert has one intermission and its total length is 2.5 hours.

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