Friday 12.11

SOUND PLASMA: Ensemble for New Music Tallinn

  • Venue Tallinn Philharmonic Society House of Blackheads, White Hall
  • Date 12.11.2021
  • Time 19:00
  • Ticket 7€/10€

Sound Plasma 2021 is inspired by intonation in music of Alois Hába. The 5th edition of the festival experiments with new ideas of intonation. Festival's highlight is World Premier of pieces for Alois Hába's instrument and it's tuning scheme of 6th-tone; by Klaus Lang, Marc Sabat and many others.

Arash Yazdani
of that which is (2017, Estonian Premiere)

Klaus Lang*
Qvis Est (2021, Estonian Premiere)

Marc Sabat*
Fleeting Light (2021, Estonian Premiere)

Horatiu Radulescu
Sensual Sky (Estonian Premiere)

*Estonian premiere
conductor: Arash Yazdani

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