Friday 14.06

Tilman Hoppstock (Germany)

  • Venue Tallinn Philharmonic Society House of Blackheads, White Hall
  • Date 14.06.2019
  • Time 19:00
  • Ticket 12 €-15 €

Tilman Hoppstock


Tilman Hoppstock is an exceptional player, with a fine sense of style and unfailing sensitivity, and a technician of the first water; his tone is refined and beautifully nuanced, his delivery is clean and sure even in the passages where the utmost dexterity is called for, and his command of varied articulation is admirable.

A playful interchange of light and dark shades with endless worlds of sound full of passion and conscientiousness...Tilman Hoppstock belongs to those artists who make you forget the instrument.

Tilman Hoppstock‘s perfect performance, his extreme sensibility and a broad range of timbres and nuances, but also this extraordinary articulation in his playing makes him to one of the greatest guitarists in our century.


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