Concerts and other cultural events can be held in the House of the Blackheads in all four halls.

White Hall is the most frequently used one, but St. Olaf’s Guild Hall is also worth mentioning for its remarkably good acoustics for organizing chamber concerts.

White Hall

St. Olaf’s Guild Hall

Fraternity Hall

Basement Hall

For concerts we offer a package deal. Price is 500 € (includes VAT) which includes:

  • 1,5h rehearsal time before the concert
  • a concert time of max. 2h (concert with two halves)
  • chairs in the concert hall
  • cloakroom, ticket sales and usher services
  • Spotlights on tripod (2 pcs)
  • ADJ Ultrabar 9 light strips (6 pieces)


The White Hall has two pianos, Estonia Concert grand Piano and Steinway Piano. Fee for using Estonia Piano is 72 EUR, Steinway Piano is subject to prior arrangement and additional charge of 240 €. The other halls have Estonia baby grand pianos.


Number of seats:

  • White Hall: floor 200, balcony 40
  • St. Olaf’s Guild Hall, Fraternity Hall and Basement Hall have a capacity of 100 people

Tickets are sold in the House of the Blackheads through the Piletilevi sales point (open 1h before the concert starts). We ask event organizers, who do not sell their tickets through Piletilevi, to notify the administration.

We ask concert posters to be delivered to us at least 2 weeks before the concert.

For an additional fee, additional rehearsal time, light and sound equipment and other equipment are available. More details here: Equipment rental