The Brothers’ Room (Elders’ Room) situated beside the Brothers’ Hall is located in a building that the Brotherhood of Blackheads purchased in 1806. It was located in a building beside the main building and had an important place in the life of the Brotherhood. The first more extensive reconstructions were carried out immediately after the acquisition of the building. The former storage room, where a lovely stained glass window in a lead frame takes the place of the former cargo hatch, became one of the most important rooms for the Brotherhood – a meeting room where the Brotherhood’s relics were kept. The more valuable relics were kept here, including the silver so-called deer’s hoof goblet with its unusual shape, the Brotherhood’s flags and coat of arms with the motto Vincendum aut moriendum (Victory or death). Nowadays the rare collection of silver belonging to the Brotherhood of Blackheads, which was kept in a massive steel safe in the same room, is now on display at the Niguliste church-museum. A small-scale cannon was also kept in the same room. A beautiful glazed tile stove is the jewel of the room. Baroque concerts are held nowadays in this cosy room, and it has additionally been successfully used as a training session / seminar workshop, and as a photography and television studio.


Concert capacity: 50 seats
Buffet capacity: 20 people
Fourchette capacity: 50 people