The rooms’ user undertakes to:

  • Use the rooms of the House of the Blackheads prudently, in accordance with their intended purpose and the purpose of the event, keep the rooms and the common rooms and their furnishings clean and in a good order;
  • guarantee no smoking in the rooms. The catering company undertakes to set ashtrays near the house entrance, to keep the front of the building clean;
  • inform the House of the Blackheads as soon as possible about changes in the event’s agreed upon details (changes in performers, catering, times, number of visitors etc) at info[at];
  • vacate the rooms at the agreed time and in the condition they were at handover;
  • take into account in the event planning that the House of the Blackheads has been declared a cultural monument by the 30.08.1996 regulation of the Minister of Culture.

The event is considered to have ended when all participating personnel (including House of the Blackheads employees) have left the rooms. Overtime fee is charged for full hours according to the current price list.

The rooms’ user has the right to:
1. use for the event brought in technical and other equipment in concert with the House of the Blackheads;
2. order additional services from the House of the Blackheads before or during the event;
3. use outside services for the event (catering, light and sound equipment etc) having informed the House of the Blackheads beforehand.

It is not allowed without previous agreement to:

  • reorganize furniture and decoration elements;
  • use open flame for decorating the halls and the front of the house (except for special candles on the tables);
  • use furniture and transport equipment without floor protections, use tape that mars the floors and/or other furnishings. For covering wires instead of tape we ask that you use special mats;
  • the House of the Blackheads administrator has the right to inspect equipment that is brought in and if necessary forbid its use.

After the event has ended, the House of the Blackheads administrator and the event’s responsible person will inspect the room to make sure it is in order and certify that with their signatures.

NB! Download the house rules in printable form here..