Sunday 07.11

Sven-Sander Šestakov (piano)

  • Venue Tallinn Philharmonic Society House of Blackheads, White Hall
  • Date 07.11.2021
  • Time 19:00
  • Ticket 15€/10€


L. van Beethoven

– sonata op. 27 no. 2 „Moonlight“

– sonata op. 53 „Waldstein“


– sonaat op. 106 „Hammerklavier“

Sven-Sander Šestakov has performed in Estonia and abroad, and has played under conductors such as Andres Mustonen, Kaspar Mänd, and Olari Elts. In this concert he will be performing three well-known Beethoven sonatas – the much loved „Moonlight“ sonata, the joyous „Waldstein“ sonata, and one of the absolute peaks of piano literature, the great „Hammerklavier“ sonata.

Kersti Sumera has written about him: „Sven-Sander Šestakov seems to be an artist-musician: everything he does seems to be improvisational, very genuine, with a sense that he feels the music throughoughtly.“


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