Sunday 22.05

SEABORNE, AIRBORNE choral concert by Suomen Laulu

  • Venue The House of the Blackheads, White hall
  • Date 22.05.2016
  • Time 16:00
  • Ticket 5 €/3 €

SEABORNE, AIRBORNE   Suomen Laulu, one of the oldest and best known mixed choirs in Finland, goes on a spring tour on both sides of the Gulf of Finland with songs about Nature, firstly about the sea but also about birds, butterflies, air, wind, spring... The program consists of brand new (Almila, Wennäkoski), fairly new (Wessman, Sallinen) and traditional a cappella works for mixed choir. The choir is led by Esko Kallio.  

Tickets 5/3€ (puoti) or at entrance.

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