Thursday 11.12


  • Venue The House of the Blackheads
  • Date 11.12.2014
  • Time 20:30
  • Ticket 9

Kadri Voorand (vocals), Meelis Vind (clarinet), Eno Kollom (drums), Kirke Karja (piano), Mingo Rajandi (contrabass), Madis Meister (guitars)


Heliotroop is an ensemble made up of six distinctive Estonian musicians, who are united in their passion for free improvisation and experimentation. Heliotroop performs music by bassist Mingo Rajandi and pianist Kirke Karja, which mixes the influences of modern jazz, classical and world music. All the ensemble members are great instrumentalists, who are kindled by each other’s music when performing together and never settle for anything but the best in both compositions and their performance. Each of them is a mystic in his or her own way. This concert promises to become irresistibly special, as they take on In Spe’s music with their youth and energy.

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