The White Hall (Great Hall) of the House of Blackheads is one of the oldest halls for public use in Tallinn built expressly for the purpose of entertainment. It is known that it was built in 1531–1532 and was one of the first Renaissance-style rooms in the Baltic lands. The hall acquired its current appearance in the course of the comprehensive reconstruction work carried out in 1909–1911. The fact that the hall is on the first floor when entering from the Pikk Street side, yet it is on the third floor when looking out the windows facing Pühavaimu Street, adds uniqueness to the White Hall. Just as in times of old, when the hall was the largest hall of the Brotherhood of Blackheads for festive banquets, parties and receptions, many different kinds of events are held here nowadays as well: from concerts, which have become customary, diverse festive events, to seminars and events with special state of the art technological designs. The hall is rented out together with 3 salons (the guild’s former storage rooms), which have access to one another and are conveniently separated from one another by doors.


Concert capacity: 260 seats
Floor capacity: 220 seats
Balcony capacity: 40 seats
Buffet capacity: 200 people
Fourchette capacity: 400 people