Historically speaking, the Brothers’ Hall was one of the stateliest rooms in the entire building. When the Brotherhood of Blackheads started renting the private house located at 26 Pikk Street in 1406 for its gatherings, there was unfortunately not enough room for the nearly one hundred members of the Brotherhood. For this reason, the living and storage rooms on the second storey of the house were reconstructed in 1417 and a spacious hall was built with three windows providing plenty of light. After repeated renovations, the hall took on a majestic appearance and the most valuable part of the Blackheads’ collection of paintings, of which 27 portraits have been preserved to this day, was displayed in this hall. The room’s magnificent joisted ceiling and majestic doors vividly provide an indication of its former splendour. This hall is used primarily as a venue for training sessions and seminars nowadays, but also as a rehearsal hall for Tallinn’s Chamber Orchestra and as a concert hall for townspeople.


Concert / Seminar capacity: 100 seats
Buffet capacity: 80 people
Fourchette capacity: 150 people